CoralUsp Grupo Azul

CORALUSP – Grupo Azul

Founded in 1967 by Benito Juarez and José Luiz Visconti, CORALUSP gathers today a number of approximately nine hundred singers, distributed among eleven different groups. Its histoty includes tours abroad (USA, Europe, Africa and South América), honorary rewards from the Paulista Association of Art Reviewers – APCA, concerts in theatres, festivals, churches, parks, schools, universities, radio and TV broadcasting programs, besides a great number of recordings.

CORALUSP has acted as an important center of research and teaching towards the education of professional musicians. It offers to all the participants the opportunity for introduction and development, through a team of leaders in the areas of vocal technique, ear training and musical understanding.

First created in 1997 by conductor André Juarez, the Grupo Azul is one of the São Paulo University Choir’s oldest and more productive sensambles. Through your seventeen years on the road the group had developed seven major projects: “Azul”, “Volta ao Mundo em 4 Vozes”, “Blóco Andrénalina”, “Música Inglêsa”, “Samba no Côro”, “Retrospectiva 15 Anos”, and“América do Som”. Since the first day sofactivity the group schedule have been very busy and diversified. The group havealready performed over 600 concerts in festivals, graduation parties, religious ceremonies, recordings and special events. The group have also performed symphonic concerts along the Campinas Symphony Orchestra and the USP Symphony Orchestra.

Now a days the choiris divided into two groups with different rehearsal time schedules. This two groups get toghether for the concerts. The Grupo Azul/Noite rehearse on Mondays and wednesdays from 08:00 to 10:00pm and Saturdays from 03:00 to 06:00pm. The Grupo Azul/Dia rehearse on Tuesdays and Thursdays from midday to 02:00pm at the São Paulo University campus.

The Grupo Azul has two recorded CDs: “Azul” – recorded a live at PUC Church in 1997; and “Volta ao Mundo em Quatro Vozes” with a 2005 studio recording. The groups also have two vídeo recordings: one at the Vila Madalena Church in 2008 and another at the PUC Church in 2009. The Grupo Azul is currently working on the recording of the new CD “América do Som”.

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