André Juarez

andreinicialVibraphonist, arranger and conductor, Berklee College of Music Magna Cum Laude graduate, AJ has a large musical experience both as a teacher and performer. He holds a Bachelor Degreeon Percussion from São Paulo State University (UNESP) and a Master Degree on Fine Artsfrom Campinas State University (UNICAMP), the school werehe tought for ten years. Now a days AJ Works as a conductor at the São Paulo University Choir (CORALUSP – Grupo Azul) and is starting a doctoral degree program.

As a orchestrasoloist, AJ performed under distinguished conductors such as Alan Balter (USA), Bernardo Hernandez (Venezuela), Jerry Cecco (EUA), Dennis Montgomery (EUA), Benito Juarez (Brasil) e Lígia Amadio (Brasil). His activity as a pop musician (MPB, jazz, blues and salsa) includes performances along with major figures on the brazilian national scenesuch as Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Paschoal, Edmundo Villani-Côrtes, Jair Rodrigues, Jane Duboc, Célia, Jair Oliveira, Tito Martino, Ulisses Rocha, Nico Assumpção, André Christóvam, Traditional Jazz Band, The Central Scrutinizer Band; and international scene – Edwin Pitre, Edsel Gomez, Yusak Yoshimura, Frank Herzberg, Pepe Cisneros, Ai Yazaki, amongothers.

AJ is an official conductorat the São Paulo State University Choirsince 1988 and leads three bands: André Juarez Quarteto (MPB instrumental and latin jazz), the quintet Le Petit Comité (jazz-rock) and the  Grupo Gato Preto (choro). AJ also acts as a side-man in a large number of bands and had already performed all over the country (Brazil).

AJ has 17 recorded álbuns and works internationa yacclaimed. The CD “Vibrafone Solo”, for instance, has compositions by some of the most influential brazilian composers and is considered as anicon into the percussion instruments literature. The CD “Canja”, on the other hand, receivedan APCA award and toured many brazilian cities sucesfully.

As the Le Petit Comité band leader, AJ is releasing the band’s third CD “Vintage” as a result of a deepre search on brazilian rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s. Sponsored by the São Paulo University, the band will tour many european countries in 2014.

AJ performs regularly in Brazilan dabroad with diferent vocal and instrumental ensembles. He already toured Japan three times.  The first one happened in 1995 with the Sambonês ensemble, these condone in 1997 with the Banda Carcará, and the third one along with the japonese pianista Ai Yazaki in 2011,  when the yperformed a large number of concerts sucesfully; AJ performed in Stockholm in 1998 in a large percussion festival; in the USA, werehe lived for four years, AJ performed in many cities; in 2010 AJ toured Italy, France, Suisse and United Kingdom; along with CORALUSP, AJ performed in Valência, Spain.

As the Gato Preto ensemble’s band leader, AJ released the CD “Gato Preto” which features distinguis hed musicians on th econtemporay brazilian musical scene. This CD received the SESI Instrumental Music award and toured sucessfuly many brazilian cities. The Grupo Gato Preto already performed on international festivals in the USA, Perú, Argentina and, in August 2014, the band will tour the europe an east and performat the Bansko Jazz Festival in Bulgary.

As a freelancer, AJ acts professionaly on diferent musical activities: performer, arranjer, conductor, jingle producer, guestartist as a vibraphonist on many artists recordings, as well as a vibraphone and an dimprovisati on teacher.

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