Grupo Gato Preto

Grupo Gato Preto

10383895_10152377807056574_4562564953199142909_nFormed by São Paulo musicians in 2006, the group has the research and studies of choro music traditional repertoire as the main target, dating back to the oldest works, going through the style standards, coming up to choro music contemporary composers and band members own compositions. For that purpose, the group relies on the already granted formation of choro tambourine, cavaquinho and the seven-string guitar, as well as the vibraphone asa differential element – a solo instrumentwhich, as far as we know, has never been used before in such musical style in a systematic way.

The band first recording is also named “Gato Preto” and features distinguished musicians on the contemporary Brazilian musical scene such as Proveta, Teco Cardoso, Bocato, Edmundo Villani-Côrtes, Mané Silveira e Tiago Pinheiro

The band performs in theaters, nightclubs, restaurants, radio and TV broadcasting programs, parks and other public areas. It is currently formed by Euclides Marques (seven-string guitar), Yves Finzetto (tambourine), Getúlio Ribeiro (cavaquinho), and André Juarez (vibraphone).

The Grupo Gato Preto wonthe SESI Instrumental Music 2011 Award and the ProAc ICMS 2013 Award (Brazilian Vibraphone Project) and traveled trough many Brazilian cities. The band were also nominated for the Premio APCA 2010 (São Paulo Art Reviwers Association Award), under the instrumental music category.

The band had already performed abroad at Berklee College Percussion Festival (USA – 2012); Vibraciones – Vibraphone and Marimba Festival (Lima/Perú – 2013); Patagônia Percussion Festival (Argentina – 2013). The band will perform in August 2014 at the Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgary) and tour through many European countries. The Gato Preto toured the United States (New York, Indianápolis, Chicago and Philadélphia), and performed at the PASIC 2014,

The Gato Preto Ensemble received the Rouanet award from the Brazilian government and will tour many brazilian cities in 2015 and 2016. The Gato Preto Ensemble will tour extensively on Caribe and Central América in 2015 (Panamá, Venezuela, Cuba, Costa Rica and México).

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