AJ Quarteto

Aj Quarteto

AjquartetoFirst created in 1993, the band mixes different rhythms and styles such as MPB, blues, salsa and jazz. Primarily focused on improvised music, the ensemble has as a main goal to bring quality music to different audiences – night clubs, theatres, schools, churches, squares, TV and radio broadcasting appearances and all sort of public places.

The strong and diversified musical background of the band members gives the ensemble a solid and eclectic professional sound. The band has a very particular identity, both for using an instrument which is rarely known by Brazilian audiences, the vibraphone, as well as for the original conception of its arrangements. Formed by own compositions and standard tunes, the repertoire offers pleasant and accessible music to an audience without age restrictions.

The AJ Quatet has an album named “Canja” that features distinguished Brazilian musicians such as Jair Rodrigues, Osvaldinho do Acordeon, Don Beto, Dinho Nascimento, among others. The cd received the ProAc 2010 Award and toured through many Brazilian cities. The AJ Quartet is currently preparing the recording of the new project: “Azul”, an álbum just with personal compositions.

Along with the pianist Ai Yazaki, the group toured Turkey and Japan in 2012.

In 2013, once again the AJ Quartet received the ProAc 2013 Award (Brazilian Vibraphone Project) and toured many Brazilian cities. The AJQ received the Rouanet award from the Brazilian government and will tour many brazilian cities in 2015 and 2016.

The AJQ will also release a tour in Germany in 2015 under MINC (Ministry of Culture).

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